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What is Megami Paradise ?

Rating: 2.5/5


Imagine a place where there are only girls. Really cute ones. Even the bad guys are cute. You got it all: short skirts, panty shots, and slightly ecchi jokes. Have you died and gone to heaven? Well, maybe if you went to Goddess Heaven, which is the literal translation of Megami Paradise. Enter a world where every girl is literally a goddess! Shielded from the corruption of the outside universe by the purifying Astrostar, the Megami Paradise has long been desired by the evil followers of the Dark Goddesses. Can Lilith, her companions Rurubell, Stasia, and Julliana defeat the Dark Goddesses' fearsome champion, or will the Megami Paradise be destroyed forever?


Well, we know Havoc at least died and went to heaven when he saw this...I sure didnít. This just didnít do it for me really. Yeah, so theyíre cute and bouncy...so are the girls from Wedding Peach. Weak plot, typical magical-girl-type characters, unremarkable music, and fairly bland art make for an altogether forgettable experience. An acquired taste...but then so is the jello.

Available subtitled through ADVision.

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